Spindle Tooling - Tool Holders type BT Weldon HSK - Driver Arbors - Mill Adaptors - Special Tool Holders

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Here you will find a comprehensive array of Tool Holders to equip all your CNC Machining Centres. In case our standard range does not hold exactly what you need, please contact our specialists in order to find exactly what you require.

The product range includes hundreds of tooling items with morse taper, DIN 2080, DIN 69871, MAS BT and cylindrical shank:

- Driver arbors for reamers
- Combination shell mill adaptors
- Face mill adaptors
- End mill adaptors WELDON
- Drill chuck adaptors
- Reducing adaptors for MT tools
- Collet chucks
- Weldon chucks with cooling agent ring
- Blank test arbors
- Long milling arbors
- Floating chucks
- Pull studs
- Wrench socket for pull studs

We also supply Tool holders according to HSK according to the DIN 69893 standard and also 90° Angle head for milling machines.

Please consult the on-line catalogue or contact us for all commercial matters as well as technical support.

Range: Tool holders MT-SK-HSK-Driven angle heads Driver arbors for reamers, combination shell mill adaptors, face mill adaptors, end mill adaptors Weldon, drill chuck arbors, reducing arbors, collet chucks, Weldon chucks with cooling agent ring , blanks, test arbors, milling arbors, floating chucks, pull studs, 90° angle heads