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Mandrin Pneumatique  - Mandrin de Tournage Haute Précision - Mandrin Pneumatique de Rectification - Mandrin Pneumatique de Tour

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Ladner sells a full range of advanced High Precision Air Chucks. The range includes Turning Chuck, High Speed Chuck,  Grinding Chuck, Stationary i.e. Milling Chuck, Round Jaws & Sealed Chuck, High Precision Diaphragm Chuck, Mini Grippers Chuck. These high quality chucks are made in Israel by PML-PAL.

Turning or rotating precision air chucks are designed to be mounted on any CNC turning machine. The precision air chuck repeatability is 0.002mm. The speed for rotating precision air chuck is up to 5000 rpm. Chuck size ranges from 50mm to 350mm. Other sizes are available upon request. Controlled clamping force enables clamping of thin-walled and other fragile parts with no distortion. Most models come with coolant or air passage through the center of the chuck. It is very simple to mount the air chuck on the lathe machine. An experienced operator can do it less then 30minutes. Simple loading and unloading. 

Benefits - High Precision Air Chucks

Universality - precision air chuck can be mounted on any metal work machine tool.
Repeatability - repeatability is kept within One-Micron (0.001mm) tolerance, along with interchangeability of concerned jaws (upon special request).
Interchangeability - the working jaws mounted on the chuck have qualified interchangeability.
High accuracy and non-deforming - precise control of stable gripping forces by regulating the air pressure successfully reaches high accuracy and minimum deformation.
Efficiency - accurate repeatability is obtained without having to repeatedly measure clamping position. This significantly saves on production time.
Ability to chuck non-round components - the best solutions to clamping non-round and asymmetric work pieces.
High pressure center cooling (option) - cooling liquid passed through the center of the air chuck provides tool cooling for inner turning, milling, boring and grinding.
Versatility for clamping jaws - internal and external-clamping capabilities, as well as wide selections of soft or hard jaws for round or non-round components.
Reliability - large chucking operation can be performed without loss of clamping accuracy.
Compact structures - with a built-in air cylinder, the system has minimal weight and volume, to suit all metal cutting machines.
Economic - lower cost compared with same function clamping products worldwide.

Please consult the on-line catalogue (coming soon) or contact us for all commercial matters as well as technical support.

Range: Air Power Chuck - High Precision Turning Air Chuck - Pneumatic Lathe Chuck

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