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Chuck Jaws - Hard & Soft Jaws - Workholding Jaws - Top Jaws - Monobloc Jaws - Slot & Tenon ISO Jaws - Serrated Jaws - Wrap-around Jaws -  Base Jaws

Ladner is a specialist manufacturer of soft and hard jaws. We make a full range of workholding Jaws i.e. Top Jaws, Serrated Jaws, Wrap-around Jaws, Monobloc Jaws, Slot and Tenon ISO Jaws and also Base Jaws. These Jaws fit all sizes and Chuck makes as Kitagawa, SMW Autoblok,  Schunk, Rohm, Gamet, Amestra, Bison and Ladner.

The Ladner range of jaws for hydraulic power chucks fit Autoblok, Forkardt, Gamet, Hardinge, Howa, Kitagawa, Leader, Pratt Burnerd, Rohm, MMK, Matsumoto, Samchully, Samwoo, Schunk SMI, SMW, SPEMO, Strong, Tonfou and other chuck brands.

ACM, Amestra, Bison, Curial, Emco, Niken, Putt FPA, Pratt Burnerd SCA "Skandinaviska Chuckfabriken" Taillères Guernica "TdeG", TOS, Vachette and of course Ladner, are examples of chuck manufacturers on which you can mount Ladner monobloc i.e. one piece jaws, serrated and wrap-around top jaws.

Ladner also provides a comprehensive range of slot and tenon top jaws including ISO top jaws and in addition a range of base jaws for effective workholding for all types of metal lathes.

To suit long workpieces or workpieces of small or large diameters we offer pointed and standard jaws of many special height and length dimensions to perfectly clamp all your different workpieces.

If standard jaws are not the answer to your workholding need, Ladner’s design and engineering office will apply all our know-how and experience to design and deliver jaws to suit your application and workpiece.

You can already today order Kitagawa, SMW-Autoblok and Ladner soft jaws in our web-shop.

To review our entire range of standard jaws, available in set sizes of 2, 3 4 or 6 jaws depending on type of chuck, you can browse or print our catalogue.

Another convenient way to find suitable standard jaws for your chuck or request a quote for custom made jaws is to contact us. In most cases Ladner successfully delivers jaws at competitive prices so that your workshop or factory can continue to work with the already installed chuck and jaw base on your lathes.

Range: Chuck Jaws - Hard & Soft Jaws - Workholding Jaws - Top Jaws - Monobloc Jaws - Slot & Tenon ISO Jaws - Serrated Jaws - Wrap-around Jaws -  Base Jaws

Ladner has a wide range of standard jaws, which suits all popular chuck makes on the market

Ladner offers jaws of many dimensions to clamp all your workpieces

Our centennial experience of manufacturing jaws enables us to produce all types of jaws

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