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Face Drivers - Live centers - Dead centers - Productive lathe work

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Ladner sells F.R.B. (FRB) high quality face drivers, which will make your CNC lathes more productive.  These patented face drivers are made in Italy by TECNOLOGIE FRB, a specialist manufacturer, of innovative high quality tools for CNC machining. Try the F.R.B. products during 60 days to experience how they improve your machine productivity, without any purchase obligation.

The face drivers work by a patented compensating system operated by wedge lever, which allows four-pin driving. This system is highly adjustable and ensures safe and reliable torque transmission under the most difficult conditions; such as rough surfaces or obliqueness of end faces by as much as 3 mm in relation to the rotation axis.

On each pass it is possible to remove up to 15 mm of material (in diameter) at a feed rate of 0.7 mm/rev.

The center is independent of the driving pins and rests against a belleville spring washer assembly lodged inside the Morse taper. Even with varying center sizes. work positioning is maintained with optimal repeatability.

The center point can be easily removed. There is no need to remove the face driver from the machine tool. The interchangeability of centers with slots enables turning even of workpieces with holes in the end piece.

The superior driving efficiency of the F.R.B. face drivers means that the full state-of-the-art performance of even the most advanced machine tools can be fully exploited.

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Ladner also sells the full range of F.R.B. live centers and dead centers for turning shafts and tubes.

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Product range: Face driver - Live centre - Dead centre


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