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Rotary Tables - Lathe Chucks on Swivel Plate - Cross Tables -  Slide Tables - Workholding

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From Ladner you can buy a full range of Rotary and Cross & Slide tables to safely clamp your workpieces with Chuck Jaws or standard T-slots and T-nuts. The tables allows either 1 or 2 axis movement and some tables can also be rotated +/- 90 degrees. The tables are delivered complete with T - Nuts and ready to use.  

Here you will find many different Rotary Tables, Indexing Fixtures, Tailstocks as well as Stationary lathe chucks for clamping your workpieces on the table of your CNC machining centers.

In addition, you can buy Lathe chucks on a Swivel base from Ladner.

In our product range you will find Cross & Slide tables with the following dimensions and features:

- Table Length: 150 - 800 mm
- Table Width:  100 - 320 mm
- Maximum weight of workpiece(s): 40 - 900 kg
- Maximum load pressure: 250 - 1200 kg

Should you require other types or dimensions of Cross and slide tables, we are most happy to assist  you in finding the right table for your application.

Please consult the on-line catalogue or contact us for all commercial matters as well as technical support and advice.

Range: Rotary tables - Indexing fixtures - Tailstocks - Accessories for indexing fixtures and rotary tables - Stationary lathe chucks - Lathe chucks on swivel plate- Cross and slide table- Swivel angle plates - Tables with 1 or 2 axis - Rotating Cross Table - Stationary Cross Table - Workholding - Traditional and CNC Machining


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