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Système de combi-rail OK VISE®

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OK-VISE Combo-Rail is a unique, patent-pending design from OK-VISE's R&D department. 

This design can be set in various modes:

Floating mode

  • The fixture adapts to the place of the workpiece
  • Used typically together with a minimum of two clamping units with fixed stops
  • Workpiece typically large and inaccurate
  • Also two workpieces can be clamped simultaneously

Centralising mode

  • The jaws move synchronously. The center line of a casting or similar workpiece remains in the same place even if the outer dimensions of the workpiece change
  • Also two workpieces can be clamped simultaneously

Machine vise mode

  • In this mode the other jaw is fixed to the base
  • Compared to traditional vises, in this medhod the ergonomics are radically improved in vertical machining centers

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