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Steady rests with external cylinder

The AX series is the new series of steady rests from Atling. This series is the result of several years of development and has been a collaboration between our designers and our customers, retailers, and technicians.In the AX series we have chosen to make add a lot of new standard features such as preparation for proximity switches and the possibility to use coolant as a chip protection. Read more about this under features.

The AX series is available in 11 standard sizes with gripping ranges from 6 – 70mm to 450 – 870mm in diameter. View table of dimensions.
Air barrier / Drain
Air barrier is an essential feature to keep dirt and coolant out of the steady rest. Steady rests that uses the air barrier is functional for a longer time than those without. Using the air barrier is as easy as connecting an air pressure of 2-4 bars in the back of the steady rest. There are two connections on each steady rest, and these can also be used as a drain.
Central lubrication
All Atling steady rests are equipped with a central lubrication system. This means that lubrication only need to be provided to one point in the steady rest. The lubrication automatically gets distributed to all necessary points. The lubrication can either be done manually or the steady rest can be connected to the same lubrication system as the machine it is used in. For recommended lubrication intervals see the operator’s manual. The choice of lubrication type needs to be specified when ordering a new steady rest.
Safety check valve
All Atling steady rests are equipped with a safety check valve to ensure that the pressure is kept in case of a system breakdown which causes the hydraulic pressure to drop.
Coolant chip guard
By connecting the steady rest to the machine coolant a coolant chip guard is created by the end of the levers. This feature prevents chips from getting between the rollers and the work piece and causing possible damage to both. This is a standard feature in the AX and AXi series.
Swing away motion
The Atling swing away function allows the levers to open further more. This makes the load and the removal of the work piece easier, which might be necessary in automated operations. This feature is optional for both levers, either just one of them or both at the same time. The Atling swing away can be pre-installed if ordered with the steady rest. It can also be order later and installed by customer.
Stroke Control
The AX steady rest is prepared with 2 slots for installation of proximity sensors. The slots have M12x1 threads, and can be used together or separately. The stroke control of the AX steady rest has a new design which makes the inductive sensors completely sealed from both the machine environment and the inside of the steady rest. This extends the lifetime of the sensors significantly. Inductive sensor preparation is standard in the AX series.
The Atling Steady Rest
The steady rest is an essential tool when turning shafts that are long and thin and when clamping between the chuck and tailstock does not provide enough clamping force. A steady rest can also hold a work piece when machining the end of it. It may also be a necessity to use a steady rest when the manufacturing of a part is automated. It can also be used as gripping tool in other applications for example as an alignment tool in automated measuring.
Thanks to its technical solution the Atling steady rest is smaller than its competitors. This makes it possible to clamp through a wider range but without the need of more space. Also in advance to its competitors the Atling steady rest can be equipped with a swing away system without having to make the steady rest bigger or the gripping range smaller.
The parts of the Atling steady rest is manufactured out of high-strength cast iron and all movable parts has been hardened. Manufacturing and assembling is made in our own factory which makes it possible for us to have a good overview and control of the production.
To enhance the durability in the steady rest we have included several features to keep it free from dirt and coolant. Such features are wipers around a rollers and moving arms and the possibility to add an overpressure of air to the inside of the steady rest.

Please consult the on-line brochure or contact us for all commercial matters as well as technical support.


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