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Quills de haute vitesse

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In addition to their famous revolving (live) centres, GEPY also produce a number of different styles of high precision quills (spindles) for milling, drilling and grinding operations.  

These exquisitely made quills (spindles) are highly complementary to Schaublin and Aciera machines and in some instances were supplied by the manufacturers as original equipment. The B8 spindle was supplied as Schaublin part number 70-89.150 and has a maximum speed of 15000 rpm. It accepts B8 (8mm horological) collets.

GEPY quills are at present the only known quills that are assembled on two rolls of taper rollers in opposite directions.

High precision is achieved by means of first-class machining and very careful selection of rollers,ground by a special process guaranteeing perfect accuracy of the taper angle and a perfect finished surface.

Specific advantages of GEPY quills

- Absence of vibration through constant elimination of both axial and radial play.
- High axial loads supported by quills of small dimensions, from 14 to 35 mm in diameter.
- Machining of resistant materials.
- The raceways for the taper rollers and needles are cut out of solid material, which is advantageous for the revolving shaft, authorising the drilling to install an internal coolant feed or to place a shaft.
- Impressive lifespan thanks to the quality of execution of the cages and rollers.
- Add-on equipment possible, clips or cleats.

Over 60 years at the center of the metier
With the support of its integrated engineering and design department, their human-scale organisation is in a position to offer you:
- A high level of quality
- Adapted production (special centres)
- Great responsiveness
- An after sales service department which opts for complete renovation

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