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Porte-Outils avec nez fin de très haute précision avec serrage hydraulique

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SPV Spintecis introducing a newly developed hydraulic chuck. Thanks to a nosediameter of only 19,5mmit manages to process in confined spaces. The HCPS-chuck is available in two diffefrentlengths, 100mm or 150mm. We can deliver the chucks with all common used machinestandards such as ISO, BT-MAS, HSK, CAT etc.

This new pen-chuck comes with clamping hole for tools with Ø12 shank, which makes itpossible to use reduction sleeves for tools from Ø3 up to Ø12. Reductions sleeves can alsobe customized for tools with odd diameters. The chuck is balanced to 10 000 RPM asstandard. The runout accuracy is bettern than 0,003 mm.

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Plusmembranet, for rough milling – The original

The restriction in the use of hydraulic chucks have often been made to utilize cutting conditions for rough milling. The customer is then often forced to buy extra short hydraulic chucks with increased torque. We've eliminated this limitation and offer our customers the opportunity to use our hydraulic milling chucks to save time and money.

The research collaboration with Mälardalen University performed a finite element analysis, from 3D CAD models to verify the results and compare the plus-chuck with a traditional hydraulchuck. The analysis showed very favorable stress concentrations in the calculation which explained the multi-angular membrane's ability to minimize vibration during interventions. 

The video below shows the function of of Plusmembranet (Attention: In Swedish)


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