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Custom Made Workholding Fixtures - One or many Workpieces Clamped by Chucks, Vices & Special Devices

Increase your productivity and machine by automating workpiece clamping and declamping. Turn to Ladner, the Workholding specialist, and discover how you can improve your CNC Machining output while at the same time introducing ergonomical and time saving push button operations instead om manual clamping.

Ladner can supply single and multiple high precision pneumatic chuck fixtures for CNC machining for higher productivity and mass production. This is an excellent workholding system.

The multiple pneumatic chuck fixture increases efficiency, allowing longer machine cycle time, fewer operator interventions, reduces tool changing and thus less machine and tools wear and tear. The loading and unloading of work pieces is easy and fast . Even a non-experienced operator will be able to do it.

Here are some examples of single and multi-chuck fixtures. They are extremely reliable. The airways are already installed and connected to the chucks.  

The fixtures will be customized based on your specific needs and requirements.

We can also supply multiple tailor-made workpiece clamping of square or rectangular workpieces with pneumatic vices.

Special Clamping Devices operated manually or automatically can also be developed by us.

Please contact us with your request for a high productivity and tailor-made workholding solution

Range: Custom-made workholding fixtures based on Chucks and Vices operated by pneumatics 


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