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Atling’s steady rests give the stability that is needed to work with highly specified cutting data when cutting longer pieces and overhangs on CNC lathes. The steady rest also enables CNC machining of workpiece ends on lathes with driven tool in the turret. Ladner, a leading manufacturer of chucks and jaws, is proud to sell Atling’s steadyrests in France.

Steady Rests are an essential accessory for turning machines during the manufacture of slim shaft type workpieces, which under the influence of cutting loads become unstable with a liability to bend or deflect. Without the use of steady rests the physical properties are not maintained and problems of concentricity and surface finish (chatter) become apparent.

The ATLING-Steady Rests Type L housings are made from high-strength cast iron. All moving parts are made from tempered and hardened steel. Wiper seals are fitted to the housing at the openings for roller levers and centerpart to prevent ingress of coolant and chips. Manual or automatic lubrication and an air barrier provide precision, smooth running and an extraordinary life span for the inner parts. The three roller levers enclose the workpiece at an angle of 120 degrees. Both the wide opening roller levers and the center support arc towards the center of the workpiece through precisely machined curved surfaces. This patented design of the precise machined angle on the roller levers gives us far superior performance of uniform clamping force throughout the camping range of each steady. ATLING-Steady Rests are made according to the latest technical improvements. They apply to current CE-regulations and directives, EN 292-2, 89/392/EEC and 91/368/EEC.

The self-centering ATLING Type L Steady Rest is a result of many years of development in design, manufacture and application. It is suitable to fit to practically any CNC or conventional lathe in the most critical space conditions.

ATLING Type L Steady Rests are typically operated by hydraulics or pneumatics and the standard range includes 11 different sizes.

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Steady Rests

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