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Ladner has, in collaboration with the French Aerospace industry, developed a unique pneumatic chuck, PRECILAD'MATIC, which combines the best features of the hydraulic power chuck and the manual scroll chuck without having the disadvantages of these traditional chucks.

Some of the key features are long stroke of jaws, quick jaws change, variable clamping force, dynamic balancing, low inertia of jaws, extra large through-hole and it runs on standard industrial compressed air ideal for mounting on a metal lathe without draw bar.

These features result in tangible workholding benefits for the customers looking for flexibility and having special applications operations. Some of the benefits are minimized set-up time, high batch size flexibility, unlimited job sequencing opportunities so that rush orders can be "inserted” into a large batch in progress, clamping a thin walled tube as well as a solid workpiece on the same lathe without changing the jaws and ideal for mounting on lathes without draw bar.

The best way to learn more about the PRECILAD'MATIC and how it can help your company to improve its productivity is to watch the video below and thereafter review our leaflet.

Contact us for all commercial matters as well as technical support for the PRECILAD'MATIC. Our experienced chuck sales engineer can quickly develop a proposal and quote for your workholding requirement and current spindle of your lathe.

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