About us

Ladner was founded in Puteaux, close to Paris in 1906, being one of the pioneering companies in Europe for the production of lathe chucks and jaws. The company quickly became a leading supplier to a number of industrial companies, enabling their rapid growth as mass production surged in the early years of the 20th century.

Hundreds if not thousands Ladner chucks were already turning on lathes when the first T-Ford came off the world’s first assembly line in 1914.

In the 1950s the company expanded rapidly and moved to new premises in Gasny and shortly thereafter to the current site in Vernon, 60 km North west of Paris.

Production of chucks, plates and jaws has remained the core task of Ladner for more than 100 years and Ladner has became synonymous with high quality precision workholding tools in France.

The Ladner chucks are durable if maintained properly,  evidenced for instance by six sealed Ladner chucks produced in the 1960s still serving on our gear grinding machines today.

Today our core competence is manufacture of manual lathe chucks as well as hard and soft jaws for all makes of power and manual chucks. Ladner also sells AutoStrong power chucks, which are compatible with Kitagawa jaws and other workholding tools from reputable manufacturers.

Ladner is the market leader in France for scroll chucks in the 80-630 mm range. We claim to deliver on-time high precision products enabled by our experienced production, technical and commercial staff.

Ladner employs over 25 persons and our factory is equipped with 15 CNC machines and a large number of automatic and manual machines for sawing, milling, turning, grinding and assembly/finishing operations. Heat treatment services are sub-contracted.

In the event that standard jaws or chucks are not the right answer to your clamping need, Ladner’s design engineer will apply his experience to develop and deliver the right jaws or chucks to hold your workpiece and improve your productivity.

Building on our centennial production experience and know-how Ladner constantly strives to deliver durable high precision products that keep our customers turning every day.
Our factory right by the seine
Ladner premises in Vernon on the river Seine

Kiwa CNC machine
Ladner operates a comprehensive range of dedicated equipment including 15 CNC machines

Our current plant has been in service since the 50s
A proud chuck and jaw manufacturing heritage