NEW InoTop® Special jaws for clamping without any deformation pressure PATENT

The innovative InoTop®-hybrid-clamping-jaw sets new standards in the clamping technology. The InoTop® jaws are based on many years of research and development by the leading German workholding specialist HWR Spanntechnik. Other high performance workholding devices made by HWR Spanntechnik and distributed in France by Ladner include the unique InoFlex® power and manual chucks and InoZet® pendulum segments that turns your 3 jaw chuck into a 6 jaw chuck.

HWR's InoTop®-hybrid-clamping-jaw was specially designed for deformation sensitive components in turning operations by lathes or turning centres.

Fitted on an ordinary 3-jaw clamping chuck, deformation-sensitive components are first being centred up from the outside and as a second step clamped from the inside without any pressure. Thus InoTop avoids the unwanted forming of polygons and all other deformation faults which can occur during traditional clamping especially with power chucks.

Roundness results which formerly only could be achieved by applying high-cost specialized clamping solutions can now be easily achieved with the unique and easy to use InoTop-hybrid-clamping-jaw by HWR.

InoTop can quickly be mounted on any power or manual chuck of all makes.

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