VDI Tool Holder – VDI Bar puller – Reduction sleeve – Machine tools

Ladner tool holders for CNC lathes feature cylindrical shanks according  to DIN 69880/VDI 3425 standard. Made from case hardened steel, the hardness of the wearing surfaces is 58 ± 2 HRC of the tool holder. A

All functional surfaces are ground and browned. The toothing on the shank is ground. As far as technically possible, all tool holders are provided with internal coolant supply and adjustable ball-type nozzles. Fitted with a spring-loaded pressure plate. Further designs on request.

- Bar pullers
- Quick change tapping chucks
- Revolving tailstock centre with VDI-shank
- Reduction sleeves
- Test mandrels
- Protective plugs

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VDI Toolholders

Product range:  VDI-Tool holders for CNC lathes - VDI Tool holders - VDI bar-pullers - VDI revolving tailstock centres - Reduction Sleeves - Test mandrels - Protective Plugs