Independent chuck - Plate with holes & T slot - Workholding - Machine tools

Ladner sells a comprehensive range of Independent 4-Jaw chucks, with body made of steel or cast iron and plates suitable to clamp work pieces of odd or irregular shape.

The standard chuck diameter ranges from 150 mm to 1500 mm with larger diameters available upon request.

Ladner can deliver an independent chuck for almost any type of spindle, with the following types being the most common: A1/A2 (DIN 55026), Bayonet (DIN 55027) and Camlock (DIN 55029)

Plates can be supplied in the 300-800 mm diameter range configured with either holes or T-slot.

Please consult the catalogue by clicking on the chuck or plate symbol below or contact us for all commercial matters as well as technical support. Our experienced chuck sales engineer can quickly develop a proposal and quote for your workholding requirement and current spindle of your lathe.

Product range: 4 Jaws independent chuck - Plate with holes – Plate with T slot

Manual independent

Plate with holes

Plate with slots