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Ladner sells the Strong Power chuck, which has earned a reputation as trustworthy "workhorse” for large batch production across the world, providing top-notch value for money.

Every Strong wedge type power chuck is fully compatible with Kitagawa chucks. This means that all your Kitagawa hard and soft jaws can be fitted without any problem on a Strong chuck of the same diameter.

These high precision wedge, collet and various special chucks are manufactured by modern CNC machines resulting in reliable workpiece clamping.

Please consult the online catalogue by clicking on any chuck photo below or contact us for all commercial matters as well as technical support. Our experienced chuck sales engineer can quickly develop a proposal and quote for your workholding requirement and current spindle of your lathe.

The hydraulic power chuck Strong is also known under its full name Autostrong.

Product range:

N-200 Series
3-Jaw Wedge TypeThrough-Hole Power Chuck (Without Adaptor)

N-200A Series
3-Jaw Wedge TypeThrough-Hole Power Chucks (With Adaptor)

NT-200 Series
2-Jaw Wedge TypeThrough-Hole Power Chuck (WithoutAdaptor)

NIT-200 Series
4-Jaw Wedge TypeThrough-Hole Power Chucks (WithoutAdaptor)

2 Jaws and 3 Jaws Through-Hole Power Chuck (WithAdaptor)

NB-200A Series
3-Jaw Wedge Type ExtraLarge Through-Hole Power Chucks (WithAdaptor)

3-Jaw Wedge Type Non Through-Hole Power Chuck (WithoutAdaptor)

3-Jaw Wedge Type Through-Hole Power Chucks (WithAdaptor)

VT&VIT Series
2-jaw and 4-jawwedge type non through hole power chuck (withoutadaptor)

DOV/DON Series
Vertical and Vertical /Horizontal Stationary PowerChucks

3-Jaw Wedge Type Non Through Hole Power Chuck (WithoutAdaptor).

Collet Chucks

High speed and light weight type strong finger chuckfor aluminium wheels

High speed and light weight type strong finger chuckfor aluminium wheels

High speed and light weight type strong finger chuckfor aluminiumwheels

3-jaw draw down powerchuck

P165 Series
Floating plate centerchuck

3-jaw extra high speed through-hole power chuck (withadaptor)

3-jaw ball swing lockchuck

Super high speed through hole rotary hydrauliccylinder

CM.B Series
Hydraulic cyldinderscoolant collectors

MF-C/MS-C Series
Non through holerotary hydraulic cylinder (with valves andswitches)

Non through hole rotary hydraulic cylinder (withvalves)

Non through hole rotary hydrauliccylinder

MS250C Series
3-jaw ball swing lockchuck