Ladner offers you the widest and the most comprehensive range of clamping products on the French market. This is the reason why we have added concentric and independent chucks of TdeG company to our product range.

Their strong point is essentially based on exceptional dimensions meeting the machining needs of big products required for example in the airline, fluvial, wind or space industries !

Founded in 1916 and based in the Spanish Basque Country, TDeG Talleres de Guernica is an internationally company recognized for the quality of its concentric and independent chucks often used as original equipment on machines. Its priorities for investments in machinery or in research and development allow it to have the most powerful tools on the market and to achieve high levels of excellence in the manufacture of its products.

Quickly discover our online brochure where you will be able to see our range of concentric and independent chucks from 400mm to 2 meters in diameter. For bigger sizes, we are also able to meet your needs on request.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for your specific requests !