Convertisseur de fréquence de type SF

Une traduction sera publiée prochainement. L'équipe Ladner peut répondre à vos questions en français en ce moment. Veuillez nous contacter.

Static converters for stepless RPM-regulation of our spindles and motors. These frequency-converters are built and developed with modern components and according to the latest experiences regarding circuit solutions for optimum use of the spindles at different RPM.

The converters contain a number of functions such as overload protection, thermic control of the motor and acceleration- / retardation-regulation. Besides there are also built-in functions for remotecontrolof start / stop and RPM-regulation. The converters can also be connected to a PC using RS232 interface.

Simple operation of start / stop, stepless RPM-regulation and display showing the desired RPM.

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